Releasing Windows VISTA: Moving towards a new Horizon

Windows Vista will write almost a new chapter in the history, when it is released to world wide customers on 31st January 2007. Microsoft, the makers of most famous operating systems and most famous office suites, have now defined a new dimension to Windows family of operating systems by introducing a couple of new features to Windows Vista. The celebrity looks and features makes vista to be the most popular operating system in the coming days. Microsoft has already released its business edition to its business customers in its home state, the US, on 30th November 2006. Being a major upgrade after its 2001 upgrade to Windows XP, the operating system hopes to bring good revenues for Microsoft.

Now, let us see the features of operating system for a glance. There are many visible as well as hidden features in Windows Vista. Let us see them one by one now.

Desktop changes: Introducing Transparency and Aero Effects:

Mostly, it is certain that any visible changes to be effective, has to take place in the desktop area itself. Windows Vista certainly starts new era in 3D graphics technology by giving three dimension look for its windows. This is an amazing feature which stands to be superior among all vista features. Another feature of course, which is related to Desktop, is the translucent windows. This brings semi transparency among windows enabling the user to know which window is hiding behind the active window. However, for these features to work, one should have a highly configured computer with a graphics card with at least 128 Graphics memory on the card, which supports DirectX 9.0. DirectX is standard software which is meant for displaying 2D and 3D objects. The look of window got changed. You may just get surprised to see minimize, maximize and close buttons wear a completely different look, as if it is imported from MAC. Some people, who tested beta versions, say that the design look more elegant, but, they should not have designed in such way that it resembles the MAC way. Another change in desktop area, which you will notice easily, is there will not be a word named as "Start" for the start button. The size of the start button also got reduced. Only windows logo gets displayed in the start button.

Enhanced Search options:

Windows Vista offers a great level of search capabilities to its users. This includes three methods of searching. The three methods of searching are,

  • Through search box
  • Through file list headings
  • Through search folder

One get search box in every folder window when opened. One can easily find the document or file which is residing in that folder and under its sub-folders. This certainly enables one to find files faster in searching process as it limits the search to only the particular folder and its subfolder. The second method to locate files and folders is through file list headings, by which one can find a particular file by clicking the heading that appear above the file list in the required folder. The third method is through search folder, is an ordinary searching method which we perform in Windows XP too. We can use it whenever we don not know where the file is located, but, knows only the file name. We can search for a file in sub-folders, multiple folders, within multiple partitions, hard disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs.

Web-Browsing: Internet Explorer Version 7.0:

Internet Explorer which is a most popular and default browser for Windows family, has been upgraded to version 7.0. It is also provided with a number of tight security measures for providing a good level of security. It includes anti-phishing, anti-spying, anti-Malware programs. Internet Explorer 7.0 also introduces a new feature called tabbed browsing. Tabbed browsing enables one to view information in groups in the same window rather than opening different window for the information which falls under one particular web site. Security update will be made available for Internet Explorer 7.0 on official Microsoft web site,

Files and folders:

The length of file names and folder names has not changed from the previous version of Windows, i.e. Windows XP. However, there will be more advanced options available. One can protect the file from accessing, if the hard drive is partitioned using the NTFS. This time, the operating system and its associated files and programs are more secured than ever before as Windows Vista; itself gets installed to any of the NTFS partitions. The icons for files and files have changed with the ability to show whether the folder is empty or not. This helps the user to recognize empty folders without having to view the content or size of the folder. Windows Vista helps the user to better organize files and folders. There will be folders named as Documents, Pictures, Videos, Downloads which are created by Windows Installer program itself under the folder identified by particular user name. We can make extensions of files visible. One can rename the extensions too for enjoying greater advantage.

Parental controls: A better way to control kids:

Do you want to have a quite sleep while kids play in your computer? Or should you make him to do the home work, in time at home and make him to obey your commands? Yes, but how, especially when the boy spends almost his time in front of the computer?

Now, you can control your kids who use computers for playing games. Earlier, it was difficult to control kids playing computer games. Now, windows Vista introduces a new feature called Parental Controls, which controls kids while using computer. Parents can now setup a separate account for their kids and can tell Windows Vista to block certain programs, especially the games, out of reach for children. One can also define the time limit for computer usage after which the child is forced to logoff and shutdown. It is the parent's duty or responsibility to remember & not to disclose the password of parental account, to their kids! Parents can also keep track of number of guesses made in the attempt to know parental password, by the child.


Games got major boost in Windows Vista. Apart from Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts, and FreeCell, spider solitaire, Microsoft added chess, Purble Place and Shanghai to its games kit of Windows Vista. But, you will get a rare surprise to see the game Pinball goes out of the list.

Side bar:

The sidebar has made a comeback in Windows Vista. Earlier the sidebar was bundled in MS Office 97. If one compares the side bar of Office 97 with the Windows Vista sidebar, it is the Windows Vista's side bar looks more elegant over the office 97 sidebar. This seems to be a new feature, for those, who have not used office 97 at all. Side bar is used to organize links to favorite locations and programs. It enables one to access the favorite links by using just single click of mouse!

More security options:

Windows Vista includes a two-way firewall. A firewall is a part of security measure, which prevents unauthorized network traffic in and out of the system by blocking unauthorized requests. Only one way firewall was introduced in Windows XP, by the Microsoft. The facility to block only the incoming data was existed in one-way firewall. Two-way firewall will help to block both incoming and outgoing data. The system security will be enhanced if it is released along with Windows Vista in place of ordinary one-way firewall which is presently used by default.

User Account Control enhances overall system security. Windows Vista makes use of three types of accounts, instead of two which was in case of Windows XP. Addition to the administrator and guest accounts, a new account type called as standard user account got introduced in Windows Vista. This account is more secured and is recommended for use when surfing the net.

Speech Recognition in Windows Vista:

Windows Vista certainly begins a new era in recognition of speech. It makes use of entirely newly designed speech recognition engine, version 7.0. The speech recognition wizard, a step-by-step wizard, helps to make use of speech recognition engine, in an efficient manner.

Other new features:

There are many hidden features in Windows Vista. One of them is the way in which Windows Vista boots. Windows Vista makes booting process faster than its predecessor windows XP. For making booting process faster, Windows Vista makes use of a newly defined architecture. This architecture makes use of Boot Configuration Data instead of settings in Boot.ini file. You will not see boot.ini file in the system, if you have chosen only to install Windows Vista in your system. But, Boot.ini exists in the systems where you have more than one operating system got installed for maintaining backward compatibility.

With a set of amazing new features, Windows Vista hopes to take Microsoft and its users, to a new horizon. It is certain that, people eagerly awaiting its release. Good Luck Vista!

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