Windows Vista Problems & Controversies - Are you aware of it ?

Windows Vista Problems & Controversies are due to the delay in development of Final version or is it due to hype created by news media? After all Windows Vista, being an operating system, involves great creativity and features. Computer professionals know that, operating system is a collection of programs that make the computer work through the use of its resources. To achieve it, one needs to write lengthy programs to make the things workable.


As the number of lines in the program increases, the program becomes complicated as ever before. It is difficult for a programmer to debug the lengthy programs. According to Microsoft developer, Philip Su, Windows Vista has nearly 2000 developers engaged themselves in writing nearly 50 million lines of code for almost 5 years. Just imagine the complexity of writing a program in an operating system development.

What Developers think?

According to Su, the final release of the windows vista is going to be delayed till 2007. It is he, who said that, some of the developers are sidetracked with some other jobs like bringing out patch to some buggy programs of Windows XP, and also doing improvements to windows 2003 server and so on.

Which Vista features are useful?

Some may feel, in an operating system, some features are really useful, while others may not feel that the feature is useful. Philip Su in his Blog or posting “The World As Best as I Remember It” says at one stage that, the sidebar in Windows Vista is useless. But, some others may feel that the sidebar is useful, especially, after they make use of it.

Microsoft took a note of Philip Su’s blog, and gave it comment on the same, as, "There are more than 3,000 employee bloggers at Microsoft and we value the great customer dialogue that these blogs create. The viewpoint in this post is one of many - there's also a great deal of optimism across the company and the community for the progress we're making on Windows Vista and the benefits it will bring to our customers. We're excited about the great feedback and huge demand we're seeing for Beta 2, and we're working very hard to improve the product."

Though Microsoft has not yet released Windows Vista’s hardware requirements, one come to know from its beta releases that, Windows Vista needs large RAM capacity of minimum 256 MB. This problem is mainly being criticized and heavily discussed. There are some features, like aero, may require even more than that, to make it run smoothly. Otherwise, some features may end with saying “Insufficient Memory” or may run slowly, which can make the system unusable during that time.

For any product, not only windows Vista, discussing the problems in public, is good, but, not always. It gives sound ideas to the development team, and developers in the company. But, it also fries down the image of the company substantially. Company should ask its employees to discuss it privately before going public. Better watch Microsoft before any other problem goes public.

Final Thoughts

Computers basically interact with human beings through a variety of softwares. It may be pay roll system or any other software, but, we need to know, in all, software is being developed by human beings. Any thing that is developed by human being is not perfect. Same thing applies to the software also. But, unlike any other product, software is developed in various stages, such that it becomes easier to detect and correct errors. It is the duty of the software developers to see that the software develped works properly, without giving any errors.

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