16 Reasons Why Should You Select Windows Vista

Many of my visitors were continuously asking me, why should we select Windows Vista as future opearting system. Let me answer this through this article. Here are the 16 reasons why should you select windows Vista.

You may think that, why one should search for newer things. It is the nature of human being, which encourages him to find out new things in his life span. As the thinking capacity grows man invents new things. You may wonder, that, is this article is about psychology. But, if you think so, then the answer is absolutely NO. It is the human who invented the computers, which was very bulky in initial phase. The initial computers were so big that it was occupying an entire room. Today we enjoy relatively small computer. Let us thank the researchers and experts for giving us this wonderful small machine. Similarly, Operating System development, which is an integral part of computer development, has undergone many revolutionary changes. Such a change was incorporated in the next versions, as one cannot apply such changes to the older operating systems, which is in use. So, companies started delivering the changes in newer version of operating systems. As a result, we see today, different names for entire different version of operating systems. A smaller change could be released as a patch to the System software, which is already in use.

Why Windows Vista is better than Windows XP

Let us think in the above direction for the reasons why one should upgrade to Windows Vista, when one is making use of Windows XP. We can straight away answer this question by saying Windows Vista is better than Windows XP! But, that will not sufficiently help one to find out how it is better and what the features that it contains are. Windows Vista is new Windows Family of Operating System softwares which manage the computers resources, which is yet to be released by Microsoft. It is still under development stages, and already released to testers as a beta version, which means it is a test version. The full version is expected to be released, may be during the later part of 2006. Let us now see why we need to upgrade to windows Vista. There are 16 most significant reasons for upgrade.

New improved search function

1. The start button in Windows Vista does not include the word Start. Instead of it, a windows logo got displayed. The start menu has been revamped. The Start search option enable one to launch a program directly if found. It can be used for normal searching also, which searches for words in files, folders etc. One can enjoy this new feature very much.

Great 3D graphics

2. New Amazing Graphics: With Windows Vista, Microsoft has surpassed MAC OS in terms of graphics. It is for the first time, Microsoft offers a great deal of high graphics features including 3D effects. This will help to boost programs meant for 3D games and is code named Avalon. There is one more new feature called Aero which gives 3D renderation to the open Windows.

3. Live Taskbar thumbnails: enable one to view a small view of the applications that are on the task bar. The application program may be internet explorer which is showing the contents of a web page. The ALT + TAB key switcher window shows live thumbnails, instead of application program icons.

4. Improved Search make use of Indexing services, which makes searching faster than ever before.

Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7) with additinal security features

5. Security: As far as security is concerned, the older versions of Windows, had lot of security problems. It is the hackers who invade the system, sitting miles away from the system, and take the data that they need, such as personal information, banking details, that one might have stored in the computer. The default browser Internet Explorer has been upgraded to 7.0. It contains lot of security features like, Protected Mode Browsing, Antiphishing, Outbound and Inbound firewall, Standard user account functionality, User Account Control, Windows Defender, and Parental Controls.

Faster startup & fast shut down

6. Faster startup, new sleep mode, fast shut down: Vista has got fast startup and shutdown processes which completes within 5 to 10 seconds. The new Sleep mode introduced here combines the features of Stand By mode with that of Hibernate mode. When Vista enters into sleep mode, it writes the contents of the memory into the hard disk. It waits for a period of time, before progressing on to shutdown with hibernation. In vista, Hibernate mode will be called as Hybrid Sleep.

7. Super Fetch: This is a new memory management technology, which pre-loads the most frequently used programs into memory, there by speeding up the program loading process. It is an entire new feature, which may not come to highlights on an average system.

Ready Boost to improve the speed of the PC

8. Ready Boost: We can now use Ready Boost to improve the speed of the PC. Windows still today, normally made use of Virtual memory concept through the use of swap files for getting additional memory. The swap files are stored in relative slower hard disk, which has affected the overall performance of the windows system. With rates of USB memory stick sliding down, Microsoft decided to give Ready Boost option to make use of USB memory sticks instead of Hard disk. The data stored on the memory stick will be encrypted by the windows, so, that any personal information loaded will not be disclosed. This feature is combined with Super Fetch to give high memory related performances.

9. Hybrid Hard Drive Support: The Hybrid drives combine the features of flash memory with conventional hard drive to boost the overall performance of PC. The Hybrid drives can save the amount of battery life saving temporarily in to the buffer of flash memory, and at that time the motor inside hard disk drive remain switched off.

10. Better Power Management control: Windows Vista's power management control features are expanded and are nicely organized. One gets a new look at the settings. The new device manufacturers may be able to add their own settings to the existing one.

Better wireless Networking

11. Networking: In the field of wireless networking one will see much more changes in the final release of Windows Vista. Now, one can save the wireless connection settings and also one can name it. One can try to reconnect using these settings.

Windows Photo Gallery

12. Windows Photo Gallery: Lot of features will be included in this photo gallery. One can view the thumbnail preview of the image files. One can scale the image. There is a set of excellent features for importing, previewing, sorting, distributing, and even perform basic modifications to the images and even videos which one selects.

13. Vista makes renaming easier, by smartly selecting first part of filename by default. This means that only filename will be selected up to the dot, treating that rest of the filename after dot is extension.

14. Microsoft has done away with word My for folders that are named as My Documents, My Pictures. Instead of that, the folders are simply called Documents, Pictures etc.

Windows Vista with Media Player 11

15. Windows Vista now comes with Media Player 11 Series. Bundled with lot many features, it comes with more advanced, quicker searching capability which searches the installed media files in the system as well as in the network. One can burn DVDs using Media Player 11.

Side bar with calendar & clock

16. Windows Vista includes a Side bar, which includes a calendar showing current date and an analog clock showing current time. It includes XML based gadgets, which offer useful functionality.

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