Build Vista Gaming PC within 600$

Vista compatible PC games are geting popular as the price of the hardware drops. Computers today are used for variety of applications starting from word processing to some critical applications such as the one used in life saving equipment. Among them, there is a section of people who use computers for playing 3D accelerated games and make use of some applications such as multimedia ones.

5 Windows Vista editions

It is a known fact that, Windows Vista, the new operating system released during earlier this year, requires a high ranged computer system to run. Today, there are as many as 5 editions of vista available in the market. They are, Home Basic, Home Premium, Enterprise, Business, and Ultimate. Among these, the edition, Home Basic is less featured, most criticized edition among editions. It does not provide new features such as Aero, which is a must in gaming PC’s. The 3D-look of window makes a child to get attracted towards the computer. According to some people, Home Basic is too much curtailed down in number of new features. So, they recommend not buying the Windows Vista Home Basic. I would also support their thoughts. What I feel is Windows Vista Home Premium is the best reliable edition among the other editions. The computer can normally run other higher editions such as the Business and the Ultimate, if it runs Windows Vista Home Premium.

Hardware requirements to run Windows Vista

Let us now see the hardware requirements to run Windows Vista “Aero” along with some famous 3D games. If one is a serious gamer, then he should look for a graphics card, keeping in mind that it must be compatible with the DirectX 10. If you are technically sound about computer hardware, you can build your own computer. By building on your own computer, you can get a computer for cheapest cost than the amount you spend when you buy a brand new computer from a computer outlet. One can build a computer within $1000, if they already have got a good SVGA colour monitor. One can reuse the existing monitor itself, if it is working fine with previous versions of Windows such as Windows XP.

Low cost Gaming Computer

Want to build your own Vista PC? It is possible now, to build a computer system around $400 - $ 600, which is excluding the monitor. One can play high end games, watch multimedia contents and run various multimedia applications. One can build a gaming computer so easily by purchasing the following components or parts.

  1. Processor - Pentium D 820
  2. Motherboard - Intel BLKD102GGC2L LGA775
  3. Memory (RAM) - A-Data 2 GB
  4. Hard Disk - 250 GB
  5. DVDRW drive
  6. Graphics card - Sapphire X1650XT
  7. Sound card - X-Fi Xtreme
  8. System box case - ThermaltakeVB 6000
  9. SMPS - CoolMax 550W
  10. Vista - Home Premium Ed
  11. Keyboard/Mouse - Logitech MX3000

If one goes by this list to purchase the hardware, then the cost will be around $400-600. One can even reduce the above said cost by about another 50 to 150$s, if keyboard/mouse, DVDRW, Hard disk of 100 GB capacity is also already available with you. No need to purchase them again. Some motherboards offer built-in sound card and a DirectX 10 compatible built-in graphics card, for more or less same price. In that case, you can save around another 130 to 150$s.

Build Vista media center PC with Pentium D 820 processor

The processor, Pentium D 820 is a quite good processor and is better than the Athlon 64X2 series. Vista loves to eat up more than 2GB of memory, but, we can give only 2GB, by taking into the health factor. Too much food is no good for your health! The Sapphire X1650XT graphics card is HDCP enabled and using which one will be able to watch protected content from a HD-DVD or a Blue-Ray drive from the computer. The selected sound card is also quite good, supports high quality sound and multimedia contents.

Logitech as your keyboard and mouse

What make me to recommend Logitech as your keyboard and mouse seller is the high reliability and durability, which they offer. As said above, Even 100 GB hard disk is sufficient for your system to run Windows Vista. But, for more games you need much space, especially, if you cannot perform, uninstall whenever you do not need the game and reinstall whenever you need back the game. The case recommended is only optional. One can go for other cases, if they are of less cost than the mentioned case. Be sure to purchase the SMPS along with the case. If you purchase it later, the SMPS may not get fitted into the case.

Suitable for high end 3D games

As said above, the cost may vary from one manufacturer to another. The CPU along with other resources will be highly used, when one plays high end 3D games. One cannot guarantee that, the system could be used for long years, due to high loads caused by the game programs. Such gamers system has got shortest life span of 2 to 3 years, due to high processing and rough handling. The gamer system is subjected to overheat and over processing.


It is easy to build a computer system from theory point of view. But, from practical point of view, care must be taken right from the purchasing the components to building the computer. Any improper connections cause the system to fry up. So, you need to keep this word in your mind before you start building the system, i.e. HANDLE WITH UTMOST CARE.

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