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Any one from child to adult likes to play games. If it is free, it is even better. There are many games in this world. Games provide good, intelligent entertainment to its lovers across the world. Some games require stamina in the body. The games are classified into 2 categories. They are in door and out door. Indoor games usually board, card games. They don not require stamina. However they make one to think more. Out door games involves adventurous, strong personalities. They are more exciting and thriller ones for the viewers, but, for the players they can cause problems such as leading life in permanent disability or even stumble them to death.

Features of PC games for Windows Vista

With technology started growing, computer games started making hot news among computer users. The games soon became one of the entertainment media in the field of computers. The development of technology brought many good games. In computer, it is possible to play an adventurous game without any risks, on the screen. For example, car races like Formula One. In real, only a few personalities get the chance to play such games. But, virtually from computer, any one can play the game in computer, crash the car for many number of times etc.

Vista compatible games

The introduction of graphical user interface such as Windows influenced the development of games. This made the development of games an easy task for the developers, and at the same time, enhanced the look, and productivity. In earlier than windows, one had to create a graphical user environment before developing the intended game. This of course consumed a lot of time.

Microsoft released four games along with Windows 9X by default. These were found in Games folder which was under the folder Accessories. The four games were Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts, and FreeCell. One used to enjoy these games in windows. Solitaire, Hearts, FreeCell were card games. One was allowed to install and run other old MS-DOS games from the command prompt. Among these four games, solitaire became a popular game, because it was easy to understand, learn and play compared to other three games that came along with windows 9x. However, Windows 2000, ME added another game called Pin Ball. This game was of 3D look, in which, the primary objective of the game is to launch the ball and then earn as many points as possible by hitting bumpers, panels, and flags.

In Windows Vista, all games will be grouped in a customized folder called gaming explorer. Gaming explorer is a customized folder in Windows Vista which provides a good, rich presence for games. It is opened, when one selects Games menu item through start menu.

The game explorer provides the following benefits to Windows Vista users...

  • It displays title, description, version, release date, publisher name, and developer information for the games.
  • It displays system performance ratings, region specific thumbnail image, game content ratings.
  • Restrict the playing of particular game depending on parental control settings.
  • It makes life easier, by handling unique settings for multiple installations on the same computer.
  • All the other games get listed in the games explorer.

Games included with Windows Vista have been rewritten to make sure that it works taking the advantage of new graphics capabilities. This means, the older games which are given with earlier version of Windows have been given a new different look. Microsoft has introduced three more new games. They are chess, Purble Place and Shanghai.

The Chess or Chess Titans is a board game, where the objective is to checkmate opposite king. This game is still a popular game among various computer users, as it involves rapid think. It is easy (but, mentally tough) to play chess, once the rules of the game is known. One of the highlight of this game is that the computer is made to think using Artificial Intelligence, for making a move. There will be two sides equally strong at the beginning. As the game goes on, the weak thinker will loose the game. There will be sixteen pieces on one side. Totally 32 pieces will be positioned at the beginning of game. White starts. Usually a player prefers to play with white pieces. In Windows Vista, this game has been designed to give 3D look for the board as well as the pieces.

Purble Place comes as a new game for Windows Vista. It is being developed by Oberon Games. It is a good educational game for children, which teaches pattern recognition, shapes and colors. There are separate puzzle games. They are, Comfy Cakes, Build-A-Puzzle, and Purble Paris. There are 3 different levels namely, Easy, Intermediate and Advanced. Build a purble allows one to guess till the allotted amount of tries are dried up. Purble Paris is a memory game which has a sneak peek bonus, which allows the player to check what’s behind the cloverleaf, without any penalties. As the skill level goes high, the grid size and the pieces increases, the game becomes timed. Shanghai or Mahjong Titans is a card game which is also being developed by Oberon Games.

One thing is sure, in Windows Vista. Children can enjoy playing the games rapidly. It is certain that, illiteracy in computer among parents will be an advantage for the children to enjoy the games more than ever before. So, if you seek my advice, I would like to say that, before purchasing the computer with Windows Vista, parents should be educated to handle parental control!

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