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The latest next generation Windows Vista has attracted many users by its glossy appearance. The older Window screens are a no match to the stylish and fancy appearance of this fresh Vista face. So what if your computer speed does not allow Vista to be installed ?! You can still have the welcome screen of Vista or at least a side bar which is transparent enough in the desktop. This is simply called Vista Transformation. With just a 35 MB of space the zip file can be downloaded feigning an appearance of the newest version of Windows Vista. Any time the appearance can be removed by uninstalling the Vista transformation file.

Once the Vista transformation is installed the system will automatically query the user in case he/she wishes to change any of the settings or one needs to uninstall Vista transformation pack and reinstall again?

What could be changed to the Vista appearance?

One can attempt to change the Start button Flag, Icons, the traditional Start Menu, Remove or Logoff, Shutdown Button, Toolbars, Progress Dialog, Boot Screen... the list can go on. These features can be made over to have that redefined Windows Vista look.

A user can have a choice of Appearance, either Windows Vista Basic or the Aero glass effect. Whereas Windows Aero will require a system with a higher speed with a graphic card of 64 MB and Direct 8X to work. However, the Basic does not have any special requirement. The user can also switch between these two. Go to Start > Control Panel> Appearance and Theme> Display. The Appearance Tab appears and it has to be changed in Windows and Buttons.

How much will this New Appearance cost?!

Many may not afford to buy a computer for Vista installation or Windows Vista DVD, as Vista is very expensive. Once can still change the drab Windows XP's appearance to the colorful and smooth Vista without incurring much cost. How?!

One needs to download a few software programs which can be obtained free from the web. These software shall help to change the computer appearance from XP to Vista. One can observe markedly very minimal difference after the transition. The required software are as follows:

  • Vista Start Menu
  • Vista Screensaver Ported to XP
  • Folder Icon Changer
  • First, download and install Vista Start Menu.

This is only one MB and this download will help to have some real hot keys for shutdown and restart. The font size in the Start Menu should be the next change. Now, Vista Screensaver zipped folder could be downloaded. Vista has four different screen savers namely: Aurora, Bubbles, Mystify and Ribbons. All one needs to do is download them from ‘appropriate’ places and place them in the System32 folder under X:\Windows, where X is your drive where Vista is installed. Right click on the desktop and select "Properties". Then " Screensaver" tab and look for the screensavers and then click on OK to apply the one of your choice.

Restart the Computer

A word of caution. Sometimes in this process of transformation, a few changes might take place in the existing system files and there is also danger that the antivirus software might have misunderstood this is yet another virus. Hence, it is better to restart the computer as Safe Mode giving it sufficient backup.

The old adage says " Appearances are oft deceptive." The awesome Windows Vista is a remarkable exception.

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