Are Windows vista parental controls too restrictive?

Parental control software is useful when kids are surfing the internet

Computer parental control gets easy with Windows Vista. Microsoft has developed parental control in windows vista for controlling the computer activity of your child. Here is one typical situation in day to day life where you will require it. Check out the conversation between Johnny and his mom.

“Johnny! Come and do your home work…”, “Mummy… I will do it later… I am on my computer… Doing something… Don’t call me now…” “Johnny! Will you do it or should I …??!...”

You might be thinking Johnny is doing some useful work on the computer and might think that, why his mother behaved like that. If you think like that, you are wrong. Johnny uses the computers only for playing games. He does not know anything about computers. He is a boy of 8 years. His father just brought a new computer for doing his office work in home. Johnny used to play computer games without doing his homework or studying, when his father is not in home. When mother calls him to do the home work he says something like as you saw above.

Control Your Kids with Parental filter

How to control these type of kids???... One solution to this Johnny problem is punishing him and makes him to do the home work and make him to study. If the same thing continues for many days, then, his father might be forced to shift the computer from where Johnny can access it or even sell it out, which will affect the work.

No, you don't have to worry. With Windows Vista, net nanny is always active. Keeping the above situation in mind, Microsoft, strategically developed a Parental Control. The Parental control is a new option available in Windows Vista that allows parents to control and monitor the activities done by the children in a computer.

Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings

Most of the children like to play games, rather than doing any other things, especially in a computer. Previously, in computer, one can play the games at any time, they wish to play. Playing the games of course, gives good mental exercises, but, playing it too much, again and again, could cause the leave the child, addicted towards games. So, in such cases, parents can allow their child to play the game during stipulated time by using Parental Control option. In older operating system, such as Windows 9x, Windows XP, different games were installed in different start menu folders. In Windows Vista, the game programs are installed in one common folder, there by making search option easier. They will be displayed along with Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings, which appear on the right hand side of the game logo icon. The ESRB rating enables one to analyze how popular the game is, and how many times a child wishes to play the game in a day etc. Depending on the situation, parents can allow or disallow the access for the particular game.

Before, one can use the parental control option one must create an account for the child. This can be done through the user manager in the control panel. Only then parental control option will be enabled. Remember to change the password of administrator account if the child knows it, keep it secret, and keep changing it regularly. Assign a different password other than administrator account to the child account. Through parental control, one can allow or disallow the games depending on the type of words used in the title of the game. For Example, if the game contains a word “War”, then the parent can disallow the game to the child. The parent can block any other programs also to the child. One can set the time limit for computer usage by the child, after which the child is forced to logout automatically. A warning will be issued to the child 15 minutes before time expires. This helps the child to save the work done. For example, suppose the child is playing a game of spider solitaire. If the child has not finished playing the game, then child is alerted to save the game, with only 15 minutes remaining for a forceful logout or shutdown.

No guessing will be allowed, It is not easy to bypass parental control

These days, Children are becoming smart users of computers. As the days passes on, there is a possibility of playing with guessing tricks for password of parent. Once, a child guesses the password correctly, and logs in to the system as parent, the child can take control of the entire system, by changing the parental password. So, in order to avoid such things from happening, Windows Vista informs the parent, how many times the child tried to guess the password. Just change the password, if the number of guess is more. Don’t tell the child, that, he is guessing, because, the child can try some other methods to find the password.

Block the specific software program like games

One can block the programs such as financial accounting packages, auditing reports generator, etc. from reach of children. The User control menu will have the option “Allow or Block specific programs” option. Using the option one can block the programs shown in the sub menu, which bring up a list of all installed programs. By clicking check boxes appearing against the program names, parents can control the access to children.

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