An introduction to Windows Vista desktop

Nobody is interested in still desktop? Users want some action. Many are interested in Windows Vista with animated desktop background. Anyway, before knowing to download a windows vista desktop theme, you must know what is Windows Vista desktop? The desktop is an area of the screen, where the icons and various windows appear. The Introduction of high Graphical User Interface, led to the development of more attractive desktops for the Windows Operating Systems. The Windows desktop normally consist of a wall paper, desktop icons, and any side bars for any third party applications.

Windows vista desktop themes, Know your desktop first

The desktop appears to the user immediately after booting. On startup, the desktop in windows, normally, appears with a task bar with start button on the left hand side and time on right hand side, in the bottom. Next to the start button, in the task bar area, a set of Quick launch buttons, followed by “>>” button appear in some of the windows family of operating Systems. Clicking >> button shows more programs on the quick launch. Quick Launch enables one to directly select a short cut to launch a program, instead of navigating through a series of menus, in the start button.

Desktop features

On clicking the start button, the menu of different items appears. The Menu consists of items like Run, Search, Help, Various shortcut items that enable launching of various programs. The usual icons that appear on the desktop are, Recycle Bin, My Computer, and sometimes My Documents. One can change the color, background wall paper of the desktop. One can hide some of the icons in the desktop.

High resolution Vista desktop wallpaper

In early days of Windows, the wall papers are of 16 colors, and appeared as distorted. The introduction of high resolution display units, along with graphics cards, led to the development of high resolution pictures. The invention of scanners, led to the development of good realistic pictures, for wall paper. Without any wallpaper, the desktop appears only colored. If no color is selected, the default color appears. The task bar shows various tasks. One can switch between the tasks. The active task appears on the desktop in a window. Application windows can be minimized, maximized, closed, and resized.

Latest special effects

In Windows Vista, the desktop appears with latest special effects. The task bar and windows have been made translucent, with semi-transparent effect. Windows Vista offers a new special feature called as “AERO”. This next generation feature enables one to arrange multiple windows in 3D. This feature of desktop requires high configuration systems with graphics cards which support Direct X 9.0. The development of Direct X started new era in Windows Family of operating systems. Direct X was used in development of high 3D games, initially.

The desktop of alpha build of Windows Vista code named “LongHorn” had a sidebar featuring some short cuts, analog clock. But, during the next build, it was felt the need for leaving enough space for the desktop. So, it was removed from desktop. The task bar in windows vista is of black color, by default. The old classic style has been retained for use with lower configuration systems. The Icons appearing on the desktop have special effects, and are enlarged. Only Recycle Bin icon will be displayed by default on Windows Vista Desktop. The Recycle Bin icon can also be made hidden, to get a clean desktop.

Latest Windows Vista desktop themes

There are several schemes available to beautify the desktop, which are called as Themes. A theme has got settings such as, predefined colors, wallpapers, icons which give even look for the desktop, windows and icons. Some themes include screen savers also. Screen Saver actually designed to save power during idle time. Normally, the display requires more energy to refresh a screen with different colors. In order to save such energy, during idle time, the concept screen saver was introduced. It was initially designed to be blank black screen, activated when the system becomes idle within the stipulated time. This concept was improved later to include advertisements, pictures, animations etc. The windows vista comes with new collections of desktop themes.

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