Why small businesses should go for cloud computing?

There are some immense advantages.

Do you want to

  • You donít have to invest in costly hardware
  • No need of software licenses.
  • Pay as you go model reduces cost
  • No hardware / software updating
  • Easy convenience of Accessing your data from anywhere

Digital calenders - Store the reminders or work as task manager

As the technology became more advanced, especially after the invention of modern computer, some people felt the need of more convenient applications related to the existing paper calendar. It all started the development of calendar application, when they developed Graphical User Interface (GUI). Thus the new concept of digital calender was born. The digital calendars were able to store the reminders or work as task manager. The digital calendars are integrated with the operating system itself. If you are using earlier Microsoft Windows family of Operating Systems, the calendar is available to view, if you simply double click on the date and time notification area. But, we cannot keep any reminder and we cannot manage our tasks in it. But one can manage tasks from Windows Vista onwards.

Calendar for Windows 7

Though Windows 7 is a successor of Windows Vista, Windows 7 doesnít have a separate option for the Calendar as Windows Vista had, but still we can get a Calendar utility by installing calendars from Windows Live or from other companies. Windows Live features allow you to manage your calendars, and also sync it with your e-mail accounts, email contacts. Usually, Windows Live will come with Windows 7. To access Windows Live Click on Start button, type Windows Live in the search input box. If any message appears saying that, you do not have Windows Live then, download and install it from the Windows Essential for free. Likewise, so many good, intelligent features that were available in Windows Vista are now made available through Windows Live. This is a business game plan from the company.

Calendar in Windows Live option

These are so many things that, you can perform with the calendar in Windows Live option.

  • You can create multiple calendars and manage your schedule.
  • You can print day, week, or month views of your calendar to put at your desired place.
  • If you are using online calendar on Windows Live, any changes that you made to your offline calendar, will get automatically updated, when you sign in to Windows Live.
  • Customize your calendar, by creating separate calendars for family activities, work, and appointments.
  • Make an easier glance. Use different colors for each part of your calendars to know what types of activities you are using on that day, week, or month.
  • Never forget an important dates. Add important dates into your contacts and they appear on that particular day itself for remaining years to come. Also, get notified of upcoming birthdays and other events.
  • Let everyone keep track of their own schedule. Friends and family can create their own calendars and share them with you, and also you can share your calendars with them also. You can also let them add and change events on your calendar, if you want.

Rather than the calendar form the Windows Live, you can also get digital calendar via gadgets, you can also get the calendar by downloading as a theme. In gadgets or downloaded themes you can view the calendar, just for a glance. On the other hand, Microsoft should not have removed the option of adding events, tasks etc. because, one needs internet connection to make use of these features which were available in Windows Vista itself.

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