Windows Vista Aero

Vista Aero is a new feature, which is first time seen in the history of windows family of operating systems. It includes features like 3D look of windows and many more exciting ones. That's why vista aero theme pack is very popular. However the Vista Aero requires a high end machine with high speed processor, 512 MB RAM, DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card with minimum 128 MB RAM, and a high RPM hard disk.

Advantages of high speed hard disks

Higher speed hard disks, increase efficiency and smoothness of working in Windows Family of operating system, because, a memory to disk based swapping concept called Virtual Memory Concept works in these operating systems. The main processor can be from Intel, or AMD. For working with Aero in Windows Vista, it is better to have Pentium 4 with 2.0 GHz, or any compatible CPU. If the graphic card does not support Direct X, then this feature will be automatically disabled in that computer.

LCD monitors for better results

The display card also should support a conceptual model called Windows Display Driver Model. The Monitor should also a SVGA compatible one, and should be capable of handling 800x600 and 1024x1024 resolutions. The better choice is the latest LCD monitors.

Enjoy special visual effects

Aero option in Windows Vista is an environment that provides special visual effects. It provides glass-like interface effects to the objects, such as icons, buttons etc. It gives a level of clarity and confidence to windows users. One of the newest features of windows lies in Aero.

Microsoft introduced 3D look to windows. The user can view the 3rd dimension of a window by flipping the window through an option available through Aero. Thus, the overall appearance of windows, desktop changed with aero option. Though the graphics card supports DirectX, one must have high speed, good performance system to use the aero option. Otherwise, the system may get hanged, and may require many restarts. Aero package makes Vista a fun and productive operating system.

In Windows XP, the previous version of Windows Vista, the desktop was called as “LUNA” as its code name. In Windows Vista, the entire desktop is called as “Aero”. Aero contains more descriptive and visual clues for its icons. The desktop itself is filled with glass effects. From the developer point of view, developers in Windows Vista can use the Windows Presentation Foundation functions. They can use the DirectX directly also.

DirectX pixel Shader 2.0 GPU cards

The DirectX pixel Shader 2.0 GPU cards give good results. The pixels Shader 2.0 has got use in gaming world and gives texture and fade effects efficiently. The Windows Presentation Foundation works with aero shell to deliver cinematographic effects to windows.

Microsoft sees Aero as a most effective front-end designed to date. Microsoft will announce actual requirements for Aero, when it is scheduled to announce the final system requirements, before the final release of the Windows Vista in November 2006.

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