Best Windows Vista Theme

Want to know the Best Windows Vista Theme...Some of windows vista desktop themes are very cool. Relax, Have a break! First know the terminology, a theme is a collection of settings such as colors, background image, screen savers and icons etc. When applied, gives uniformity in look for windows, desktop and other elements. It includes elements such as task bar, start button, title bar of window, menus and buttons.

Different Varities of Windows Vista themes

The desktop themes are available in different varieties and have their own names. To make use of the desktop themes, one must have a good graphics card with at least 16 MB memory on the Graphics card. The monitor should of SVGA color display which supports at least 256 colors. Otherwise, some themes will appear some what distorted. And some do not load at all, resulting in hanged system. The themes are stored in the folder where Vista’s files are stored. There will be many themes available for Windows Vista. Since, it is under beta 1, the Plus! Super pack for Vista is yet to be released. The plus! Super pack is likely to contain more number of exciting games. Right now, there are 2 mostly used themes exists. The themes are, Windows Aero, Windows Classic, and also Windows Default.

In Windows Vista, the Windows XP "Luna" visual theme is not available. Windows Aero theme gives special effect to the windows. It includes, semi transparent look for Windows, 3D windows. In 3D windows, the windows are positioned in 3rd Dimension. To allow backward compatibility, Windows Vista has kept older Windows Classic as one of its theme. Here, windows, task bar looks like that of Windows 98.

The Windows Default theme is ordinary windows XP style, exception being in choice of colors. Microsoft has done away with blue color for taskbar and windows. Instead they have chosen black color as task bar and window color. The wall-paper also got changed, with a strange look. This time, Microsoft has brought grasses over yellowish background as the default wallpaper.

Microsoft retained all the different settings from Windows 98, for Windows Classic Theme. There are different styles of sounds, available with desktop themes for windows Vista. The sound includes musical note from various famous star musicians. At the startup, windows Vista plays a sound called as startup sound. To hear this sound one must switch on the external speakers before startup process could end. There are other sounds played, when a window is minimized, maximized, closed. These sounds are made available by default, when one installs a theme to the computer.

Windows Vista however, when finally released, will have different flavors, namely, the starter, Home Basic, Home premium, Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Flavors such as Home Basic do not include the “Aero” theme. Windows Vista’s complete set of new features has not yet released by the Microsoft. There is a possibility of making changes to the existing themes. So, one need to wait, till the final release of both Windows Vista, as well as the final release of Plus! super pack for Windows Vista.

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