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Be it a computer, or any product, a customer before buying a product, looks for number of latest features that the product contains. However, it is not possible for single company to include features which are prepared by other company.

For example, suppose I am manufacturing mobiles. Customers expect me to give latest features, which are only possible through some product, say for example, Windows Mobile, which is prepared by Microsoft. What should I do?


What I do is, I will enter into agreement with Microsoft and give Windows Mobile as a part of my product, the mobile phone manufactured by me. How is it possible?

What is OEM? The controversial definition

The term OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The term is relatively contradicting. According to one section of people, OEM refers to a company which manufactures the product, and releases it to other manufacturer, who in turn, manufactures the main product and includes the product purchased from OEM as a sub-product. According to English dictionaries, OEM is a term that refers to a company which purchases a product which is manufactured by other company or by an individual, resells the product as a part of larger product it sells.

Scratching your head? Got confused by the above contradicting terms?

Yes, there is confusion, among people, over the word OEM. The confusion is that, whether OEM term refers to the company who originally manufactured the product. Some people arguably agree that. But, some say, that, it is term that refers to the company which purchases the product, and includes the product as a part of their main product.

Who are the customers for OEM?

Usually, the OEM product is sold in bulk by the manufacturers of the sub product to the main product developers. Suppose, if Intel builds a computer, it places order for DVD drive at Sony, along with an agreement, that, the logo and other things will remain as it is, in DVD drive. Sony, of course, gives out the DVD-drives at reduced prices. According to official second definition given above, Intel will be become OEM. But, according to some people, it is the Sony, who becomes OEMs for their DVD Drives.

A word of line on past history on OEM

OEM has got a long history which takes us back to 1950’s. It was the IBM which first coined this concept.

All about Windows OEM Licensing- Microsoft’s oem vista license terms

Alright, now, let us turn our heads towards Windows Vista. At last, the much eagerly awaited Microsoft Windows Vista is out here. The operating system includes a bunch of rich features within it. Windows Vista also includes “OEM editions” along with other editions. It is the cheapest version of windows, made available to PC manufacturers and other Microsoft certified partners.

Plans to purchase it… Where can I purchase it?

The Windows Vista OEM version comes without manuals, doesn’t come in pretty good looking boxes. One can buy the OEM version of Vista from the manufacturers of branded PC’s, popularly assembled PC’s. It will be easy for you to get the OEM version, if you have purchased the computer from such manufacturers. Some manufacturers provide OEM version of Windows Vista, pre-installed on the computer when a new computer is purchased. They may, of course, give the Windows Vista OEM DVD to you.

Vista OEM cheap Prices

The prices for OEM version of any products are usually lower than the retail prices of the same. There are four editions of Vista on which the OEM version is available. The prices for the OEM editions are,

  • Vista Home Basic – Approx. $99 (Retail, Full Version $199)
  • Vista Home Premium – Approx. $119 (Retail, Full Version $239)
  • Vista Business – Approx. $149 (Retail, Full Version $299)
  • Vista Ultimate – Approx. $199 (Retail, Full Version $399)

OEM versions are cheaper than the full retail copies, and further cheaper than, the retail upgrades.

As a user, am I eligible for installing OEM version?

Yes, of course. Though Microsoft sources admit that, any one can buy the OEM version, they recommend the inexperienced users not to go for it, as it does not contain any manuals, etc. It looks like Microsoft is not against purchasing OEM version, but, says that people who purchases OEM software should follow the rules, that were set in the license agreements.

Retail and OEM edition softwares

As said above, the retail and OEM softwares don’t come in pretty smart looking boxes and with manuals. But, that does not make any difference with the disc containing retail version. Both OEM and retail softwares are one and the same, that is found on the disc. OEM software cannot be returned once it is opened. So, it is highly recommended that, one has to think and check thoroughly before opening the product. The retail copy comes with 90 days of free support. The OEM version does not.

Vista OEM and the hardware

OEM software is tied down to the motherboard to which it is installed on. The retail version of Windows can be transferred to a new system. But, it is not possible with the OEM version. Microsoft says that, replacing the mother board, amounts to a new Personal Computer, which is not permitted with an OEM version of Windows. The OEM version is system specific.

A final word on OEM approach

When one considers technological approach, Microsoft has become totally intelligent than ever before. It is now left to you, to decide what should be done, whether to buy or not. If you ask my opinion, then I would say that, techy users should go for it, because, the price of retail version is almost the same as the amount spent to purchase a PC.

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