Which Windows Vista Version is suitable for me?

Microsoft exactly knows what people want. This time Microsoft's proposed operating system "Windows Vista" is designed to emend the computing experience for their esteemed users. Right from basic level Internet surfers to high profile business entrepreneurs, from students to teachers and from engineers to scientists; Microsoft has tried to deliver tailor-made offerings for every individual according to their personal needs such as simple data storage to complicated scientific analysis.

As I know Microsoft will make sure that everyone must get what they want to meet their specific needs hence the Microsoft is making five different versions of Windows Vista. Each version is focused on the needs of a specific type of group of people. The full working version of vista is about to release soon. The official windows vista release date will be announced later.

What is new about Vista compare to XP?

Previously Microsoft delivered five different versions of the Windows XP operating system, but these different versions were designed for specific types of PC hardware and not for the different ways people use their PCs.

For example, keeping in the mind mobile PC users Windows XP Professional Tablet PC Edition is designed which supports handwriting recognition. For multimedia lovers Microsoft designed Windows XP Media Center Edition for getting home entertainment. Again for graphic designers and speed lovers, a cutting-edge 64-bit processor is used in Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.

But what if one is looking for a single operating system that can connect to your TV, run on a mobile PC that supports handwriting recognition and also serve as the hub of your home entertainment system, and for professional who wants a 64-bit performance and security? Microsoft exactly find out these limitations on Windows XP and dramatically improve the computing experience of all types of PC user while designing Windows Vista and will offer more flexible operating system.

Five user-friendly versions of Windows Vista:

  • Windows Vista Business
  • Windows Vista Enterprise
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Windows Vista Home Basic

Windows Vista Business

Windows Vista Business will help you lower your cost on PC management. It will give you extra security, with increased productivity. It will also help you to always stay connected no matter what is the size of your organization.

Windows Vista Enterprise

Do I need windows vista enterprise? If you have large global organization then Windows Vista Enterprise is designed to serve you better. For organization with sophisticated IT infrastructures Windows Vista Enterprise will help them to lower their IT costs while providing additional layers of protection for their sensitive data.

Windows Vista Home Premium

For home users Microsoft always tried to serve better. Again this time you will find the user-friendly features in Windows Vista Home Premium edition. Using it you can efficiently surf the Internet, plan your household expenses or use it for writing e-mail; Windows Vista Home Premium is always ready to deliver you complete satisfying experience. Windows Vista Ultimate

Windows Vista Ultimate

Windows Vista Ultimate edition, as name suggests is the ultimate solution for all your needs. If you are business entrepreneur you will find the best business features in it. If you are person on move you will find all of the best mobility features in it. For the entertainment lovers at home the Vista ultimate has special features to entertain them. I hope windows vista ultimate price will remain affordable.

Windows Vista Home Basic

Windows Vista Home Basic is designed by keeping in mind the mass PC users. It will deliver improved reliability, security, and usability to home PC users. Now they can do all basic things in an efficient way with their PCs with Windows Vista Home Basic operating system.

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