Wanna make Windows XP look like Vista

Are you thinking of purchasing Windows Vista only for the sake of enjoying the newly revamped Graphical User Interface? If the answer is yes and if you have already Windows XP installed in the system, think wisely before going for it. You will still get same user interface and everything visual effects of Windows Vista in Windows XP itself and save lot of dollars, if you download and install a new kind of software know as “Vista Transformation Pack”. Let us compare looks, Windows Vista vs Windows XP

Vista Transformation Pack

Vista Transformation Pack is a kind of software, when applied in Windows XP, changes the look of every major components such as start button, task bar, start menu, window appearance, in accordance to Windows Vista. This makes Windows XP to get into look similar to that of Windows Vista. Windows Vista transformation pack acts as a desktop theme for Windows XP.

New Windows Vista Aero interface

The Vista Transformation pack enable Windows XP to wear a new look, as same as a pizza decorated with topping of tomato, cheese and onion slices. The new look will be noticed from computer startup to shutdown, if transformation pack applied. This gives a pleasant feeling of being in the new Windows Vista Aero interface. The Aero interface includes features like 3D look of windows, translucent (meaning: semi-transparent) window appearances.

New style with Style XP

It is possible now, to build a computer system around $400 - $ 600, which is excluding the monitor. One can play high end games, watch multimedia contents and run various multimedia applications. One can build a gaming computer so easily by purchasing the following components or parts.There are many other paid types of softwares such as the one Style XP are available which enables one to stylize Windows XP to get a look similar to Windows Vista. But, they do not provide total visual effects to all visual components of Windows XP. Some may change toolbar, while some may change login screen, some may change the look of Window appearance. The Windows Vista transformation pack will do all these things in one go.

Some features in the desktop area, such as the side bar

The transformation pack does not give full functionality of Windows Vista. However, it includes some features in the desktop area, such as the side bar, to make XP resemble Vista in appearance.

Create a restore point

It is highly recommended to create a restore point before proceeding to install Windows Vista transformation pack. One can revert back to the working configuration setting, if Windows XP develops some problems, after installation. To create a restore point, one need to click start > All Programs > Accessories > System tools > System Restore and follow the screens appear on System Restore utility.

Transformation Pack prepared by one Mr. Windows X

The Vista Transformation Pack for Windows XP is a freeware, meaning that the software can be used free of cost. The Transformation Pack also referred to as Customization Pack, is prepared by one Mr. Windows X. The latest version is 6.0.
The software has to be downloaded from www.windowsxlive.net, using the internet connection. A word of caution goes here. As soon as the downloading process gets completed check the downloaded file for any viruses using the Antivirus program.

At least 200 MB of free space

One has to make sure that, one has got at least 200 MB of free space available in the Windows drive, that is a hard drive partition in which Windows is being installed.

Now, start the installation process. During installation, one will be prompted with various options to select. At the beginning itself, one will be prompted to select the installation location, that is, whether to copy the Vista User Interface (UI) files to system folder or to the setup folder. It is highly recommended to choose system folder, as choosing setup folder will change the Windows XP’s original installation files.

Screen resolution

After selecting installation location, one will be prompted with the screen resolution, and options showing what stuffs one want to change. It is recommended that, one need to select all options to get the Windows XP, fully transformed. After selecting all the required options correctly, close all open programs, click on transform to begin installation. It will take nearly 2 to 5 minutes to complete the extracting, copying process. Once it is finished, restart the system.

Installation dialog

Vista Transformation Pack

Installation dialog with the list of options of what are all things one needs to transform.

After the computer gets restarted, one will get System properties dialog box asking to select the visual style to be applied. Choose Windows Aero, and click on OK. Now, the new revamped user interface will get boot up.

Now, wait for 1-2 minutes to get everything loaded. You will get all new desktop from now on. The new Windows Aero desktop of Windows XP would contain all features similar to that in Windows Vista. It contains coolest of cool black task bar, a different looking clock and a sidebar with widgets appearing on the right hand side. The icons will be set to be that of vista and tool bars appear similarly.

Windows Aero desktop of Windows XP

Appearance of Windows Vista Aero in Windows XP

Make XP look like Vista

Appearance of Login screen in Windows XP after full transformation

after transforming XP into Windows Vista Aero

Windows appearance after transforming XP into Windows Vista Aero

Configure further

To configure further, bring up the system tray. Select the icon resembling penguin to choose the color schemes of tool bar and various desktop and other options such as drop shadow, icon spacing etc. It is highly recommended to keep these settings intact, as default.

In Windows Vista environment

The transformation makes user to feel that they are in Windows Vista environment. The transformation pack has got a feature, which enables one to get the thumbnail preview of the minimized programs in the task bar by simply moving the mouse over the minimized area of the program on the task bar. One can change the settings of the preview window too.

Smart looking utility will consume PC resources

The transformation pack consumes quite more system resources, such as, RAM, Hard disk space, swapping pool, makes booting, quite slower than before. This is because, the processing time required to start the side bar and preview panel startup are more. Otherwise, as said above, it is a useful, smart looking utility which can give one the Windows Vista feelings in older Windows XP.

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