Windows XP Out & Windows Vista In

Pushing Out Windows XP : Most of the XP users were trying make XP look like vista by simply Giving vista theme for xp computer. This was delaying the Vista penetration. Microsoft thought of another Way of Popularizing Vista. It is quite natural thing that, old things should make a way, when new things arrive. But, if the old product is working feasibly, relatively well then customers do not like to go ahead with the new product. In this case, the market expects the new product.

The Shocking news: Vista vs XP

Microsoft softly announced this shocking news, in which it announced that, it is going to discontinue the sales of Windows XP at the end of January 2008. This means there will be no license issued for major hardware corporates such as Dell, HP, HCL, and Toshiba, etc. to market the sales of Windows XP. These hardware corporates have now, the only choice to install Windows Vista in their customer’s PC. In spite of the popularity among Windows users, Microsoft is taking this harsh step, and will focus its mind on marketing the new Windows operating system, Windows Vista, which has gained less popularity among its users, from the date of its release. Microsoft already discontinued support for xp. What are you waiting for? It’s time to switch to Vista.

XP to Vista, Making Vista the default OS

The move will enable Microsoft to make Windows Vista, a default operating system, despite the fact that, Vista facing major problems with the performance and compatibility.

Vista’s Performance: Vista and XP comparison

Users community is not satisfied with Vista’s performance and complains that, it takes too long to start or shutdown. Certain applications take too long time to get loaded into memory and get started. Certain features are new, but, they turn their heat on unnecessary expenditure, by making people to go for hardware upgrades.

What will be affected?

Mainly the OEM versions will be affected, some sources from Microsoft said. Among various editions of Windows XP, the most affected are, Professional, Home, Tablet PC, Professional 64x and Media Center editions. It is found that most of the Windows users have Windows XP in their home PC’s. Some says that, retail versions of all Windows XP may also get infected by this new life cycle syndrome of Microsoft, which has to be cured by the patients instead of doctor!

Hardware bull

Windows Vista seems to be feature rich operating system. But, what it eats is, so much of PC’s resources. Windows Vista needs a high configuration system to run. It cannot run on your old horse. Microsoft is thus, forcing the customers to go for high end systems, by putting a forceful full stop for the sales of Windows XP. This makes PC users to move from Windows Platform towards Linux platform, which is softer in hardware consumption.

Expected news

The next thing you expect is that, when will Microsoft stops releasing the updates to Windows XP. You may get Windows XP Service Pack 3 released as per the earlier news. But, that does not mean that, one will be getting updates for longer period. You can expect now, that, updates will be made available only till 2010 or at the most 2012.

However, has reported that, one can enjoy security updates, normally till 2009. This means there will be no updates will be provided, unless the user has paid for an "extended hot fix" agreement, which too, till 2014.

Windows Vista may have better edge over Windows XP in terms of features it includes. But, that does not make any difference to ordinary users. Windows Vista requires higher configuration to run. The actual point lies in that. It is the battle between money and features. So, one cannot say anything now. But, one thing is sure. Through Windows Vista, Microsoft is slowly loosing popularity among various users. Therefore, it is a time for Microsoft to decide whether they need to keep the momentum that they had earned before or they simply want users to move from XP to Vista

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