Windows Vista Networking

The concept of Networking has revolutionized the computers for information exchange. One computer can communicate with other through some medium. Before, networking came into existence data transfer between the computers took place via storage devices such as floppy disks, CD-ROMs.

The advancement of technology during 1985-90 led to the development of basic network system which connected two computers through set of wires. This laid the foundation for advanced network system, which we enjoy today. The ability to send data through the satellite introduced dramatic changes to the network, which brought the internet. There were significant changes to the software also.

The introduction of Windows operating system brought revolutionary changes in the network management. From windows 98 onwards, networking has grown as information hub.

New dimension to the networking

Windows Vista gives a new dimension to the networking. Through windows vista, one can get connected to wireless network. One can share printers and internet connection too. In Windows Vista, a tool called Network Center gives one, the better networking experiences. It is the center place for all networking activities.

Network Center

The network center informs the details of network, to which one computer is connected to, and checks whether it can reach the network or not. It presents the network information altogether with a summary on Network Map, so, that one can view the details of connectivity to the network as well as the internet. If the computer looses network connectivity, then one can graphically see that the link is down and also, the exact cause of the problem in detail and can get a solution to the problem, through the network diagnostics.

Get quickly connected, use in Home networking

The network center also has facility to get quickly connected to other networks or create new network connections. One can get connected to the workplace network from home easily. One can setup a network between multiple computers and devices, easily. The network setup wizard allows one to setup wired or wireless networks, by detecting and adding unconfigured network devices to the network. Network Setup wizard automatically generates secured network connections to keep the network safe from intruders.

Advanced backup techniques

Network Settings can be saved on to the Flash drives for back up purposes. My Network Places in Windows XP has been changed to Network Explorer. The Network Explorer faster and more reliable than its predecessor. It enables one to view the shared contents of other computers, which falls under the network, one is connected. One can also view the shared contents of other network too, if one has got permission to do so. One need not log off the existing network for logging on to the different network, a feature which was available in Windows XP too.

Introduction to Network Map

Windows Vista provides a new feature called Network Map which shows graphical representation of connectivity between computers in the network. The network map thus helps to use the network efficiently and enables one to easily locate problems. Windows Vista supports newer Wireless protocols for having security in wireless networks. Windows Vista avoids connectivity to the fraudulent networks. Windows Vista also, enables one to create ad-hoc networks for peer-to-peer applications which include file sharing and collaboration process.

Network awareness application

The network awareness applications in windows Vista, enable the computer to change firewall settings accordingly, when one tries to get connected to other type of networks.

Advanced file sharing system

Windows Vista manages the file sharing very effectively. Using the File Sharing Wizard, one can specify the user with whom one wants to share the files. The wizard shows every person with account details and enables one to assign access rights only to those with whom he or she wants to share the file.

The Sharing wizard, in windows vista, can even automatically send out an E Mail, so that the person comes to know about the sharing. Windows Collaboration has been changed to Windows Meeting Space, which allows user groups to securely form a shared, common session for up to 10 people who belong to the same network or room. With Meeting space one can project the desktop or application to other participants within same work area and jointly edit the shared files.

Next to postal system, E-Mail system started to become a part of our life. E-Mail stands for Electronic Mail. One can send multiple line messages and files through email facility. The popularity of email facility has grown, along with some high risks. Windows Mail is designed to minimize the risks while one enjoys sending emails. The important features of Windows Vista Mail are Instant search, Junk mail filter, Phishing filter.

The Instant search enables one to search the inbox for a given condition. The search explorer in Windows Vista has got a feature which searches emails along with files and folder, if one has got connected to internet at the time of searching. The junk mail filter enables one to filter out the junk mails. Junk mails are unsolicited mails, which contains useless or unwanted messages. One cannot avoid them coming to the Inbox. So, junk mail filter is used to filter out the junk mails that enter the inbox.

Advance Phishing Filter

Phishing is a offense or fraud, in which the phishing activist try to steal the personal information like the credit card number, password, account number, name and use them for his benefit. Phishing e-mails claim to be from any one of trusted financial institution or from any online services. By giving some tricky information, these emails ask one to disclose the personal information. The Phishing filter will remove these emails effectively and protects one from getting involved in online scams. Windows Vista can store emails more reliably. In Microsoft Outlook express, there were problems in opening large data files. The Windows Mail is a improved version of Microsoft Outlook Express in all aspects of reliability.

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