Windows Vista Boot Disk

What is booting? How to make a vista home boot disk? This are perhaps the first few questions that any one can ask, when we talk about Windows Vista Booting process. Let us start with the booting. The booting is a process of making the computer start by itself, and prepares the operating system for use by the user. It is a process, which takes place, when one switches ON the computer. As soon as, the computer is switched ON, entire computer gets power. After that, it activates a program which resides at the Read Only Memory BIOS program, a program, where the initial routine is executed. The program in ROM BIOS will look for first sector of the Hard Disk. This sector contains MBR (Master Boot Record). The MBR contains instructions to load the various components of operating system. This in turn initializes the Operating System for use by the user.

Windows Vista Booting Process

Normally, in computer terminology, booting process must end as quickly as possible, so, that the user gets his chance to work, all most immediately, after the computer is switched on. The early versions of windows consumed a lot of time to boot, there by delaying the start of work in the computer.

New boot configuration for fast booting

Windows Vista, the new MS family of operating systems, has got a new boot configuration, which enables the Operating system to boot faster. It has got completely newly designed boot loader architecture. The boot loader architecture has got two parts. First part is Firmware Independent Boot Configuration, and the second part is the Boot Configuration Data (BCD).

What is boot configuration data?

The Boot Configuration Data (BCD) is a storage system, and has got tools (BCDEdit) to edit the Boot Settings. These two parts enable the windows vista to boot the operating system quickly. The traditionally used Windows NT Boot loader is replaced by Windows Boot Manager. The Boot Manager is of type generic which means the boot manager is unaware of the requirements for a particular operating system, and each Operating System should load its boot loader to know the requirements. This helps Windows Vista to boot quickly.

Early version of MS family of Windows operating systems used a file Boot.Ini to know, from which partition, the operating system should boot. It also helps to set the delay in seconds for default selection of operating system. Microsoft has done away with this file, in Windows Vista. The computer which has only windows vista installed will no longer contain the file Boot.ini. However, the system with two or more operating systems installed along with Windows Vista, contains the file Boot.Ini. This file does not affect the booting process in Windows Vista.

Importance of defragmentation

Normally, in windows, defragmentation process help to improve the booting speed. Defragmentation is a process enabling the computer to rearrange the data stored, thus enabling the computer to access the required information quicker. So, to get better boot speed always keep the system, defragmented. It arranges the broken contents of a file in a sequential manner.

The Windows Vista can be installed in any drive or partitions. This drive becomes the boot drive. Windows Vista has a feature, which does not allow us to store files in c:, because of security reasons, including the administrator.

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